Soy Una Niña

Soft Cover
How It Works
  • The story is written, just add personal details.
  • You have the option to add photos.
  • Order your book and get it in under a week.
Spanish version of I Am A Girl.
Every girl has a story and it’s a story that should never have to shrink to fit within anyone else’s narrative frames. I Am A Girl is a beautifully illustrated book that can be personalized to tell each girl’s awesome, extraordinary, unique story. It affirms that each of us has nuances and contradictions and she deserves to see how those nuances and contradictions can be celebrated. I Am A Girl invites the reader into her own story about what an amazing, complicated, wonderful, powerful creature she is - and then inspires her imagine the ways she will expand that story.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to She's the First.
Scripted by:

The Twigtale Team

Our team of writers!  We are all dedicated parents of young children.