Busy Day

Soft Cover
How It Works
  • The story is written, just add personal details.
  • You have the option to add photos.
  • Order your book and get it in under a week.

Help your child get a handle on his or her daily routine.  This personalized children’s book will walk your child through the schedule and activities that he or she might encounter in a given day.

This book defines the structure and sequence of your child’s daily routine.  Young children thrive on consistent routine as it helps them know what to expect, creating a sense of security as well as increased cooperation.  Routine is also the beginning of discipline, in that it outlines the limits of your child’s world.  In this story, this is illustrated by the day having a designated time and sequence for waking, meals, play, clean-up, naps, hygiene, cuddles, books, and bedtime.  This structure (with flexibility) gives your child preparation and parameters, which eases their day in many ways.

Scripted by:

Allison LaTona

Parenting Consultant, Santa Monica's Babygroup