I’m Starting School

Starting School


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Starting a new school year (or starting preschool for the first time) can be an overwhelming experience for your child.  Help your child prepare for the new routine, new surroundings, and new people with this personalized children’s book on starting at a new school, and get the first day of school off on the right foot!

Because Twigtale’s books are customized to your child with personal photos, the messages are much more effective.  Read why Twigtale books work here.

Your child can experience many different feelings before the start of a new school year, particularly if at a new school, ranging from excitement and joy to anxiety and fear.  In addition to potential confusion regarding the yet unknown school, there may also be a sense of loss or sadness leaving a previous school (or separation if this is your child’s first school experience).  Visualizing what your child can expect in the future can diminish some of the unexpectedness and unpredictability a new school can pose.  With the use of sequential photographs focusing on the fun aspects of school, mixed with experiences and materials your child is already familiar with, this book helps make this significant transition more concrete, predictable, and reassuring . . . and hopefully fun!

“This book allows the child to make sense of a new, and often challenging transition. I made a similar book for my own son when he started preschool. Twigtale makes it easy for parents to narrate & personalize their children’s stories to aid in a smooth transition.” -Tina Payne Bryson, Ph D, author of award-winning The Whole-Brain Child.  Read more tips around coping with preschool and back-to-school anxiety from expert Allison LaTona by clicking here.

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Scripted by:

John Cornyn

Leader of Toddler program at Sunshine School in Brentwood