My Family Is Moving

Soft Cover
How It Works
  • The story is written, just add personal details.
  • You have the option to add photos.
  • Order your book and get it in under a week.

Fear. Excitement. Confusion.  All are common emotions for your child to feel when facing a move. Help your child prepare for that day by creating a book with memories of your old home, photos of your new home, and a specific plan for the transition. 

This book prepares your kid(s) for the upcoming move by focusing on what will change, and what will stay the same. Also, the concept of having a variety of feelings in the midst of a transition is normalized for your child.  Moving from your child’s place of comfort and safety can bring up varied feelings of sadness, fear, and insecurity.  Thus, this story walks your child through the process of saying goodbye and the idea that when we move we bring our things and comforts with us.  It also introduces your child to aspects of your new home to look forward to!

Scripted by:

Allison LaTona

Parenting Consultant, Santa Monica's Babygroup