I’m the Boss of My Body

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Parents always ask how they can teach their children about personal safety and “private parts” without using weird, “yucky” stories or instilling fear. Pattie Fitzgerald, children’s author and founder of, has the answer to starting this important dialog. 

“I’m The Boss Of My Body” is a personalized book which parents can share with their young children to get the conversation started. Its nurturing, straight-forward dialog is clear and empowering.  “Boss…” helps parents talk about special body parts, and gently reinforces who should or should not have access to them. “Boss…” also reminds kids that usually touches make us happy… like a hug from mom or dad, but that they always have the right to say STOP to anyone if they ever feel uncomfortable about any kind of touch.

“I’m the Boss Of My Body” also introduces the No-Secrets rule to kids, which encourages open dialog and communication with parents… a key factor in keeping children safe.

Best of all, Pattie includes a step-by-step parent guide at the end of the book, with helpful tips and tools, that every parent should know.

Safely Ever After’s mission is to help protect children and educate families with effective, common sense “safe smarts” that actually work.

Scripted by:

Pattie Fitzgerald

Founder of Safely Ever After, Child Safety Educator