Changes in My Family

Soft Cover
How It Works
  • The story is written, just add personal details.
  • You have the option to add photos.
  • Order your book and get it in under a week.

The purpose of this personalized children’s book is to help the child understand and deal with the family change of divorce or separation, and also how a divorce or separation will affect them, using age-appropriate language (you will have an opportunity to differentiate whether the book is about a divorce or separation).

Because Twigtale’s books are customized to your child with personal photos, the messages are much more effective.  Read why Twigtale books work here.

Divorce and separation are defined at the child’s level of understanding and how the child is affected, focusing on the parents’ role remaining intact. The story focuses on what will change and what will stay the same. It introduces the concept of custody — having two homes — and the time with parents being maintained. Also, since children often blame themselves for their parent’s divorce/separation, reassurance is given that divorce is never a child’s fault. This prevents the child from carrying inappropriate responsibility or guilt.

As every child holds the ideal of a family living together, divorce or separation can affect a child’s emotions.  The story normalizes the feelings of sadness, hurt, worry and anger that naturally emerge with a divorce or separation, and encourages the expression of these feelings. Lastly, the story reassures that although a divorce or separation creates a lot of change and affects a child’s routine, both parents’ love remains unchanged.


Scripted by:

Allison LaTona

Parenting Consultant, Santa Monica's Babygroup