Bye Bye Pacifier

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Weaning from the pacifier can be a tough transition. This personalized book can help your child manage big feelings and find new sources of comfort. 

The purpose of this book is to prepare a child for the weaning from the pacifier. As this transition typically occurs between 12-36 months, the narration works to highlight the growing skills of the child, without the sometimes negative-toned message “pacis are for babies,” which can create anxiety for the child about growing. It shows the pacifier as once a need, now a habit, that is no longer ideal for the growing child. The story reminds the child of the skills they have gained thus far, highlighting that the child is fully capable of learning something new, even if difficult. It shows how the child can learn to be flexible and adaptable by finding new sources of comfort. It reassures the child that Mommy and/or Daddy will also be there to help with their feelings. As the child is not in control of this decision, the story focuses on what the child CAN control, by pointing to the other choices they can make as they go through the adjustment process.

Note: Some parents choose to ritualize this transition with a “paci fairy” or a “paci party” or going to the toy store to exchange their “paci” for a toy. Rituals can be additionally helpful, but this book purposely does not address these practices, as there is so much variability on what parents choose. You can still create a ritual along with use of this story, which works more to deal with the loss of a comfort tool and the empowerment of new discoveries.

Allison LaTona has nineteen years of experience counseling children, families, couples and individuals, and has facilitated groups in private practice, as well as at Santa Monica’s Babygroup with Donna Holloran, MSW, for over a decade. With fourteen years in the trenches raising two young children of her own, Allison’s personal path complements her professional credentials.  To read more about Allison, click here.

Scripted by:

Allison LaTona

Parenting Consultant, Santa Monica's Babygroup