Bye Bye Pet

Soft Cover
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Losing a pet is difficult for the entire family.  This personalized book can help your toddler process the loss and the difficult feelings that may emerge.

The purpose of this book is to help the child understand and deal with the death of a pet. Our culture is generally not comfortable talking about death or the grieving process, and is inclined to shield children from the discussion. Yet talking with children about this aspect of the life cycle, using developmentally appropriate and concrete language, is a valuable opportunity to help children embrace this reality without fear.

The story focuses on what the child enjoyed about their pet, then introduces the concept of death using specific and factual language around what’s not working in the pet’s body. The story reassures the child that although there is something not working in the pet’s body, the child and parents are healthy. This maintains the child’s sense of safety. The story also normalizes the feelings of sadness and anger that naturally comes with loss, and encourages expression. Finally, the story emphasizes that the child can hold onto their memories and engage in rituals that promote healing after loss.

Allison LaTona has nineteen years of experience counseling children, families, couples and individuals, and has facilitated groups in private practice, as well as at Santa Monica’s Babygroup with Donna Holloran, MSW, for over a decade. With fourteen years in the trenches raising two young children of her own, Allison’s personal path complements her professional credentials.  To read more about Allison, click here.

Scripted by:

Allison LaTona

Parenting Consultant, Santa Monica's Babygroup