Learning To Stand Tall and Act Brave

Soft Cover
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In support of Unity Day, and in partnership with Disney’s Babble, PACER has partnered with the experts at Twigtale to create a customizable book to help young children understand how to be a good friend and how to assert oneself when not being treated respectfully.

This story highlights the critical concepts of turn-taking, sharing, reading social cues, and empathizing. “Learning to Stand Tall and Act Brave” models respectful behavior and how to cope with challenges from friends.

Bullying can involve targeting and dominating a vulnerable peer with physical attacks, name-calling, exclusion, manipulation, secret telling and spreading rumors. There are many factors impacting the development of bullying behavior, as well as those with a tendency to be targeted, but early intervention and better yet, prevention, by starting the learning as babies and toddlers, can build lifelong advocacy skills. Parents and teachers can make significant impact by consistently teaching and guiding children to stop their bodies, notice the social cues of another, have empathy, use their words, ask for help if needed, and problem solve.

Scripted by:

Allison LaTona

Parenting Consultant, Santa Monica's Babygroup