My Adoption Story

Soft Cover
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Customize this book to describe your family’s unique situation and the details of the adoption!  The narrative can be customized for a single child, multiples, or siblings, and parents have the option of including information about the birth mother or birth parents. See the “Help and Suggestions” on every page for author suggestions and examples of content.

The purpose of this book is to introduce young children to their adoption story and to celebrate that all families grow in their very own way. The narration gives the parents (or parent) the opportunity to describe their decision to adopt, the excitement leading up to their child’s arrival as well as details about how the family came together.

The narration is designed to embrace a child’s curiosity and desire to understand their “story.”  It offers an opportunity for parents to show their openness to talk about the child’s story, which includes the adoption specifics. Details are kept fairly simple, and the narrative is designed to provide a secure foundation for the child and parent to build on together as the child grows.  The narrative indicates that the parents are available for their child’s questions – helping the child realize that the parents are an invaluable emotional resource as they integrate their story and the story of their family.

Scripted by:

Wendy Denham

Wendy Denham, Licensed Clinical Psychologist - specialty in family and child therapy.