Our First Chapter

The best stories are the ones you find at home and in your daily life. Just ask one of Twigtale’s founders, Nishad Chande.

When his son Remi had difficulty starting preschool, Nishad immediately wanted to make him comfortable with the new routine. Except his way of soothing his son was brilliantly unconventional. He spent hours making an online photo book.

And not just any photo book. He personalized Remi’s story with words and pictures related to his son’s preschool experience, making it easy to understand what to expect in his classroom. Remi was obsessed with the finished product, not only asking to read it on repeat but also feeling confident when his parents dropped him off at school.

But the story doesn’t end here. It’s only the beginning.

Inspired by Remi's response, Nishad saw how storytelling empowered children to understand themselves and the world. His “Aha!” moment led him to long-time friend Carrie Southworth, whom he met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (another chapter for another day — we promise). Together they founded Twigtale and set out to revolutionize family storytelling.

At Twigtale, we don’t believe there’s just one way to tell a story that matters. There’s your way. It can inspire confidence. Empower discovery. Stir creativity. Give comfort. Capture moments. Excite laughter. Make meaning.

And we believe in making it easy. Thanks to Nishad we know all too well that there’s a lot that goes into creating a personal story. There are words and pictures. Themes to connect it from beginning, middle to end. Cover designs. And what about time? Oh right, there’s so much of it said no parent ever! We totally relate.

Which is why what started as a simple way for parents to help children navigate transitions, has expanded so families can tell all their stories like never before. With our unique story science, you have access to everything you need from professionally written narratives and beautifully drawn illustrations to content suggestions and photo prompts that guide your creation from start to finish. Not to mention, it’s completely customizable down to the very last word.

Yep, you read right! We provide you with a great framework to get started, but invite you to collaborate, re-write, and even break the rules as you transform the story into your Twigtale.