Going to school sample book

Going to School

Preschools – Customize this book for your preschool, and help your students prepare for the upcoming changes that a new school year will bring. The story covers the classroom, teachers, and daily activities.

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Full Description

Get your students ready for a new school, a new classroom, and a new year with this “I’m Going to School” children’s book!  Geared specifically toward pre-schools and kindergartens, this customized book walks through the daily schedule that a child will go through in your school.

You can walk around in a typical school day and get all the photos you need to make this book – pictures of your school, teachers, and activities.

It makes a great gift for parents as part of a “getting ready for school” package, and will ease the anxiety for children and parents alike.

You may be eligible for bulk volume discounts.  Contact support@twigtale.com for details.

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