Twigtale books give your child the plan.  Transitions are easier when you know what to expect.twigtale books are scripted by experts, so you know just what to say, just what to dotwigtale makes bookmaking easy, personalization makes the message sink inscripted by experts, personalized by you.  prep toddler, teach child, transitions

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Making Nightmares – A Creative Way to Help Young Kids with Nightmares

By Carrie Southworth, Co-Founder of Twigtale and Mom of Two   As a parent, I often think I can help my child better than anyone else.  But recently I was reminded that great ideas can come from anyone who loves and cherishes your child. You see, my 4 year-old daughter Savannah had been having trouble […]


Guest Post: Resources for Starting Preschool With Food Allergies

This is a guest post, from our partners at FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education, the leading non-profit who work on behalf of the 15M Americans who have food allergies. Sending your young children to preschool can be especially stressful when they have food allergies. For children with food allergies, providing a safe and nurturing […]


Parents and Child Psychologists Alike Love Twigtale Books

Best Selling Author of The Whole-Brain Child, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Dr Tina Payne Bryson, PhD. Author of best selling The Whole Brain Child with Dr Dan Siegel, PhD Storytelling is a tool that helps children understand themselves and their world.  When we  provide children with words for the experience and the feelings they may have about the  experience, we empower them to calm unsettled emotions.

The Twigtale Starting Preschool book allows the child to make sense of a new, and often  challenging transition.  I made a similar book for my own son when he started preschool.  Twigtale makes it easy for parents to narrate & personalize their children’s stories to aid in a  smooth transition.

Tina Payne Bryson, Ph. D.

Emily, Mom of 2 Young Children

Twigtale helped my two-year-old daughter know what to expect prior to, during, and after the birth of her baby brother. The transition was almost nonexistent, and I believe that much of this is owed to the preparation given by our Twigtale book. I’ve already recommended it to many second-time moms-to-be!

Jenna, Speech-Language Pathologist

What an innovative way to address common childhood transitions. I recommend these books to parents because the personalization of the story to their own child makes them so effective.